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Self-Love Is...


It’s more than good, it’s beautiful. And messy.

It’s grace in the hiccups of life that soothes you like a cool drink of water.

Self Love is kingdom centered.

A 1 Corinthians 13 kind of thing.

Patient in the mess ups and keeps no record of when you do.

Self love creates boundaries.

From the “I’m not coming out of the house, I’ve already taken off my bra,” to your feet cemented in your truth.

It’s surrounding yourself with community who cheer you on and fights with you when you can’t do it alone. It’s admitting to them that you’re struggling and it’s honest and pure

Self-love doesn’t lay its crown down for a paupers rags. It’s simply taking your place at the table even when it feels undeserving.

It can look like taking yourself out on a date to taking a horizontal life pause in the middle of the day, even if you have a million other things to do.

It’s weeping when your soul is anguished and laughing when it’s bubbling over with joy.

It pushes you to dance to the beat of your own drum and smirks at the past.

It’s the lion and the lamb; roars in its authority but humbled under the Shepard.

It takes a sabbath.

Removing masks and resting with the Savior. Taking time to remove rotting limbs and fruit that can’t nourish your soul but allows the freshness of spring to melt away the winter ice.

It’s worth investing in. You’re humanity has quite a high price and is worth every penny in time and attention.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking you aren’t worth taking care of yourself.

Give yourself permission to accept the invitation of who Created you and how you were created. Make peace with your past and declare His goodness for your future.

Love every fiber of your being.

And when you dive beautifully in yourself, my friend, hold the “I’m sorry” for something worth apologizing for.

Because there is nothing to be sorry about in loving yourself.

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